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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Choosing a topic for an essay

How to choose a topic for an essay? 

Writing essays with facts are very much important as it earns a credit for your next assignment. Essays are important for getting into college (for post graduation or under graduation). Writing an essay is tiresome when you run out of topics.

There are plenty of topics on which an essay can be written. But sometimes, when we don’t have an idea to spill out, chances are we might end up searching how to find topics to write an essay, just like now you did. Worry not folks!

Here we have brought 10 ways which are simple, those which are used by us in our everyday lives. These tips can be used for researching a topic for research or for a simple assignment too. 

10 Tips to choose topics to write glorious essays:

1.Topic which is both engaging and user readable:  The topic that you choose must be engaging and should reach the audience appropriately.Topics must involve the people who are reading the article.The topic must be interesting enough to have a discussion on.

2.A topic which interests you: Topics must be chosen based on your interests, this leads to writing range of topics with more of personal touch to it which can gather more readings.

3.Keyword formula: Type in any keyword and start researching on that particular keyword to find a topic. More keywords lead to more topics to write on.

4.Encyclopedias: They are the best resources to find the topic to write on.They contain a wide range of topics which can be researched and written properly. These are appropriate sources as they contain information which are of facts.

5.Read newspaper or magazine: This works like magic as the newspapers and magazines have a cluster of topics which are easier to write and increase the readability.

Like for example, readers digest is a magazine which contains facts and interesting news which cover topics from technology, health to automobile (and much more) which will give an idea for a new topic to choose.

6.College textbooks: If an assignment is assigned and no general topics are allowed, dig into your old textbooks, they’ll have related topic to write on, that might have an existing link to your present subject.

7.Re-reading: Re-reading an old essay can bring up new ideas for a new essay. Find a keyword or a new topic which will help to build a new essay out of an old one.

8.Choosing a domain: Choosing a particular domain might help in finding a specific topic to write. Sometimes breaking the broad idea into specific small chunks helps in creating new things, similarly finding a topic for an essay from a particular domain or a subject is helpful.

9.Dig more of ideas: Dig more ideas based on personal success stories and failures. These will help people get inspiration from you and you’ll get a platform to shout out loud your success and share a valuable experience of coping up with failure that you have experienced in life.

10.Follow on the trendy: Catch up with the news in trend, something which is happening lately which will become a topic to write.

11.Random topics: Click on random topics in Wikipedia and you will find a list of random articles written. These can be used as a topic for the essay.

12.Bibliography: Every textbook has prescribed references and bibliography which can be used to research the topics. This can become one of the ways to choose a topic and write an essay on them.

So, these are the ways through which one can easily find the topics to write. So the next time when topics die out, do find these tips as they are essential in finding the next topic for your essay. 

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