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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Are essay writing services legal?

Is it cheating to buy an essay online?

It is now a common pattern of students having difficult times with writing assignments and essays. Essay writing and assignments being a major part of the education, they need to be dealt with proper care.

When the assignments are to be submitted, they must be properly researched and neatly written. Sometimes, when these is a least hope of doing the essay and assignment well, students turn to essay writing services which provide them with the accurate solutions that they need.

How buying an essay online is legal

We probably will not agree that it is illegal to buy an essay from the essay writing services. With a plethora of essay writing service, trusted ones have to be chosen which abide by all the rules of not being illegal while they provide the service. 

Valid points that proves that buying essays online is legal

Below are listed some of the legal points which justify as to why buying essay isn’t cheating and how the students can be free from feeling guilty about hiring someone for writing their essay.

1.It is a paid service:
It is not illegal to pay for the custom essay that is being written. Students shouldn’t feel guilty about it as they are not stealing somebody else’s work. It is just hiring a writer to get the work done.

2.It should not be used as a final work:
 It becomes illegal if the write up bought from the essay writing service is produced to the college and universities as it is. The write up should be used for the reference purpose and should not be used for the final submission.

3.It is not resale:
Essay writing services mention their policy specifically in their websites about the student’s proprietary over the work. Rest assured, the work once submitted to students are not published or reused anywhere.

4.It helps the non-native language speakers:
People from all over the world come to US and UK universities to pursue education. The basic problem is that majority of the students hail from the countries where English is the secondary language.

For such students, studying and submitting the assignments in the English language becomes a major issue. Essay writing services are helping such students with their service only to improve their language skills. 

5.It is non-plagiarized work:
The work is started from scratch; hence there is no place for plagiarism. The topic is chosen by the student, and the writers start their work from the beginning; that is from researching the topic, writing on it to revising it for the perfection.  

6.It is written for the student:
It doesn’t become illegal because the assignment is being written for the student, keeping in mind the work criterion that is required. Hence there will not be any kind of cheating that comes into the picture.

7.It gives the authority to the student:
The student pays for the service, without much hindrance, we can say this becomes legal because the student will be present from the topic selection stage to the final stage of completion.
If any doubt arises, it is cleared through the customer chat support giving clear idea about the problem being faced. 

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