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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Best tips for writing an essay

How to write an essay in an effective way?

Everyone loves being best. Best always comes
from constant practice and the determination of never giving up. Student life teaches very basic principles of delivering the best in life.

Writing an essay too is a complex thing for some students. It becomes difficult if certain procedures are not followed the right way. Essay writing can become interesting if monotonous rules are not followed. Parallel to those monotonous rules, here are some of the best tips assembled which will come handy whenever an essay is to be written next time.

Why writing an essay is important?

 1.Essays are helpful to exhibit the writer’s personality through words.

 2.They give a wealth of information to readers.       

 3.Improves writing skills.

 4.A student’s critical thinking increases when essays are written from the scratch.

 5.Improves the academic score in the term end.  

Best tips for writing an essay

1.Choosing the topic:
An essay can be written well only if a topic is chosen properly. The first step where a student fails to write the best essay is not recognizing the importance of choosing a topic. There are several ways through which ultimate topics can be chosen. Here is a link which helps in choosing a topic.

2.Researching on the topic:
The further step in writing an essay is to research based on a chosen topic. Plagiarism can be stopped if essays or research papers are written from scratch. Internet is a resource for a wealth of information which can be used for research purpose or books which have unique and original content present in them.

3.A hook statement:
An essay is structured on the basis of the flow information. It basically contains introduction part, body section, and a conclusion. Each delivers appropriate information to readers.

Hook statement(s) are to be included in the introductory part. This will catch reader’s attention to the essay being written. It is nothing but a sentence or two which subtly gives information on what an essay is about.  These are important to keep a reader engaging.

4.Practice on writing:
As it has been said that practice makes a man perfect, one of the tips that can be given is to keep hands on practicing. Reading more essays, improving vocabulary and constant practice will evolve the quality of writing.

5.Specified length:
Though the length of an essay is restricted to specific numbers, it is encouraged to keep a normal word count. Excessive words in an essay will make it clumsy to understand or will make the readers leave it reading halfway. 

6.References and citations:
It is a good practice to cite the resources which are used which writing an essay. This gives an essay the originality and uniqueness it deserves. Domains such as .edu are preferred to .com as they have an authority and right information.

7.Formatting the essay:
The outlook of an essay enhances if it is formatted properly. Formatting allows the write-up to get a proper layout and adds a background to it. Examples of a well-written essay are an appropriate use of font size, font style, and proper indentation among others.

8.Strong conclusion:
Each and every section of a write-up is very important. But writing the best conclusion is a significant critical part. Conclusion is significant because it summarizes the whole essay in few sentences. It holds the length and breadth of a paper standing to the opinion expressed throughout. Hence concluding the writing with its best conclusion is of importance.

9.Editing and revising:
A well-written essay is the one which is proofread properly. Editing and revising are the part and parcel of writing an essay. Without re-reading or editing, an essay will be prone to errors.

10.Following the prescribed structure:
The prescribed structure of an essay (commonly called a five paragraph essay) is to include an introduction, body section, and a conclusion part. Body section will contain three paragraphs with strong arguments included in them.

11.Adhering to references styles:
There are standard reference styles which are to be followed. This gives an essay a layout to represent information. Examples of reference styles are APA, Oxford, and MLA etc.

12.Use of formal language:
Essay writing comes under formal writing or academic writing. This kind of writing involves more of facts and information hence informal words are not encouraged. Contractions such as can’t, won’t, shouldn’t etc must be avoided.

These are few of the tips that can be considered while writing an essay.

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