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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Is buying term papers wrong?

Am I cheating by buying term papers online?

Graduating from universities and colleges is a big achievement and a step towards the career for an individual. In order to graduate, attending classes, writing down assignments and clearing the exams becomes a pivotal part.

There comes a time when the assigned assignments are difficult to write. Students rely upon essay writing services to complete their assignments. The question that arises is whether it is ethical to buy the essay.

Is buying term papers a wrong thing?

Though it is considered cheating by the universities and colleges, here we have listed the points as to why it is not wrong to buy essays online.

1.It is a paid service:
Students buy the essay in the first place; hence it becomes a paid service. Like how products are bought from online stores, essays are also bought online by paying for it. Therefore it is not wrong to buy the assignments.

2.Used for reference purpose:
Buying term paper is not wrong because the final work which the student receives should be used as a reference purpose.

Students must make sure that the essay that they have bought should be edited, revised before submitting the work as their own.

3.Not used for reselling purpose:
It becomes an offense if both the parties try to resell the content written. The essay writing service adheres to the confidentiality policy and does not resell the content written to other clients.

It becomes the responsibility of the student to use the essay properly and not going against plagiarism.

4.It improves the writing skills:
Students who buy the term papers have scored well in their term because of the exceptional writing skills. Thus writing skills can be improved if term papers are bought.

It is not cheating to buy them because students are benefitted with this for writing the future assignments or essays.

5.No place for plagiarism:
The writers who are assigned to the order, research on the topic. They start writing on the topic from the scratch. Therefore it is not wrong to buy the term papers. It becomes plagiarism if the content is repetitive or copied from somewhere.

6.Getting help from the professionals:
When trained writers write the essay for the students, it only increases the quality of the content. It is not wrong to buy the term paper because it is taking help from the professionals to complete the assignment that is due.

Thus it is hereby concluded that buying term papers online is not wrong and only the responsibility of using it properly is more important.

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