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Thursday, 16 March 2017

What to include in the body section of an essay

What are the important things that must be included in the body section of your essay? 

An essay is incomplete without a body section. This section is crucial and needs more attention while it is written.

What is a body section?
As the name suggests, a body section reveals most of the important information that an essay has to offer. It includes all the facts, statistics, pieces of evidence required to prove the argument stated.

As a practice, a body section is usually written in 3 paragraphs (if a five paragraph essay is written), with each paragraph having its strong arguments and supporting points to it.

What is the importance of a body section?
1.Thesis statement which focuses on the main idea of the topic written in the introduction section must be explained or elaborated in this section. Body section gives a platform to provide necessary arguments and facts related to the topic being written.

2.Each argument must be supported with evidence along with facts and statistics so that it logically deduces to the point that the writer wants to present.

3.An essay must have a logical flow of information hence a body section is written to elaborate on the logical aspect of the topic clearly focusing on providing correct information.

Elements of a body section:

1. Subject matter

2.Idea turned into series of paragraphs

3.Transitional statements to connect an essay together


5. Strong arguments

How to include elements in a body section of an essay?

1.Subject matter:  It is a primary element required to present information. An introduction part consists of a thesis statement which should give a brief idea about the main idea.

The main idea that is given out initially must be focused in detail in the body section.

2.Idea turned into series of paragraphs: Body section should consist of 3 or more paragraphs, with each paragraph presenting strong arguments and supporting points to it.

The idea of presenting information in paragraphs is to highlight points from most important arguments to important arguments in descending order. Though each paragraph is important in its own aspect, they must be divided to get a flow that is required for an essay.

3.Transitional statements to connect an essay together: As mentioned above, body section must be divided into paragraphs to have a flow within an essay.

The other important element that provides flow is transitional statements. These transitional statements will connect each paragraph together to present a strong essay. There must be use of words in a precise manner to make sure that each paragraph does not lose its meaning but is still well connected to each other.

4.Analysis: A critical part of an essay, analysis subjects to be the most important element. Analysis brings depth and tone to the information being present. The points which are presented as facts, evidences and statistics must be brought together.

Without a proof or evidence, it becomes difficult to analyse a topic. Hence while creating an outline for an essay, 

special attention must be given for analysis of the topic and producing best content.

5.Strong arguments:  There are two ways of approach while writing an essay: theory and a practical approach to the theory.

While analysis is a theory part for an essay, practical approach can be achieved through strong arguments. With these arguments, the basic structure of a body section is developed.

Strong arguments are required in each paragraph to prove what is subtly stated in the introduction section. A strong argument can be evidence, supporting or subordinating points, quotes or live examples (anecdotes). 

Structure of a body section:

Following is an illustration for a body section along with its elements.
Body section:

 Paragraph 1: Elaboration of the subject or topic which includes

                  Transitional statements          
                  Strong arguments

  Paragraph 2:Elaboration of the subject or topic which includes         

                  Transitional statements
                   Strong arguments

 Paragraph 3:Elaboration of the subject or topic which includes

         Transitional statements
                 Strong arguments

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