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Friday, 17 March 2017

Stages in essay writing

What are the stages in essay writing? 

The purpose of writing an essay is to showcase organizing skills, knowledge earned while it is written and improvement of writing skills.
To write an essay is an art which comes easily if it is written using certain techniques.

There are several ways of writing an essay. One of the easiest ways is to break it down into stages.This will help in writing it in a better manner. Below are the stages that must be followed while building an essay. 

Stages of an essay:

Stage 1: Prewriting stage: This is the stage where certain preparations are required to start writing. Tools which help in pre writing are mentioned below.

Stage 2: Writing stage: This is an important stage where the actual process of putting ideas into words arrives. Care must be taken to have transitions in the writing stage.

Stage 3: Post writing stage: Once a draft is made, the third stage is to edit and revise the written content. Here more of grammatical skills are required than the writing skills. 

Each stage is important and hence a step by step guide is required. Further each stage has parts in it which makes it easier to combine once that particular stage is completed. Read along to know what are the stages and how should each part of a stage be dealt with. 

Want to write an essay? Here are the methods to follow:

 Stage 1: Prewriting stage
Pre writing stage involves gathering ideas, researching and other elements that are required for writing. A write-up requires quintessential information which is helpful while the actual writing process starts. Stage one is divided into 4 parts, these parts are discussed in detail here. 

Part 1: Brainstorming for a topic: The part of writing any essay is to find a topic to write on. Without a topic, an essay cannot get completed. There are several resources available to find topics. Followthis link to know about finding good essay topic.

Part 2: Researching on the topic: After a topic is chosen to write, it must be then researched to write content on it. There are several resources available which will help in getting information.  It is important to collect accurate facts, statistics and information as the content gets addressed to readers. 

Part 3: Planning to write structure of an essay: The next step in the prewriting stage is to build a structure of an essay. A topic’s main idea must be extracted and a structure must be prepared.
It does not become difficult to write an essay if a blueprint is available to write it down. The basic template of any essay consists of introduction, a body section and a conclusion.

Stage 2: Writing stage
Second stage of an essay contains writing on the researched topic. There are several factors that must be concentrated upon while writing. They are:

Part 1: Writing the thesis statement: To hook the reader to an essay, there must be a proper use of thesis statement. A thesis statement(s) are one of the elements which propagate to the main idea of an essay.

These are crucial sentences which must be written in a clever manner. It is indicated by experts that readers get hooked to an essay at the start and thesis statement must be engaging enough to attract readers till the end.  

Part 2: Forming the content in a structure: An essay consists of three sections, namely: Introduction section, body section and a conclusion. All these three parts must be put together in a structure. If they are divided in such way, it becomes easier to write content accordingly.

Part 3: A catchy title: Titles also play a major role while an essay is being written. A catchy title always connects readers to the content written. Hence while writing an essay, titles are to be given its own importance.  

Stage 3: Post writing stage
An essay does not end with writing the researched information in a proper structure. It requires an insight on the topic that is written. Thus, third stage of writing called post writing stage appears. This stage is concerned with editing and revising the already written content.

Part 1: Editing: When an essay is to be edited, there must be more concentration on rectifying errors than just on the content. This stage involves adding extra information if required and discarding content which is not required.

Part 2: Proofreading: The final part of the post writing stage is proofreading. It helps in identifying grammatical mistakes therefore helping in revising content for the last time before it is published. 

These are the stages mentioned above which will help in building a brilliant essay. 

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