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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Essay prewriting techniques

Effective ways for prewriting an essay

Even before an essay can be started, it must include planning on how to write. Essay writing has its own stages. To more in detail, follow this link. Each stage has its own importance. The first stage of writing an essay is prewriting which will be illustrated in detail in this article.

Essays are very common these days; they are used for submitting assignments which require proper understanding and thorough knowledge.    

What is prewriting?
Prewriting is the first stage of writing an essay which includes all the techniques included to prepare for writing. There are certain requirements that must be met before the information is typed. These things matter the most as they lay a foundation for building a great essay. 

Prewriting in itself is a process which must have all the necessary elements which will help in completing that process. These elements need to be used right before a topic is chosen. Here are few of the techniques of prewriting explained which will help in effectively finishing the first stage of essay writing. 

Techniques of pre-writing:

1.Brainstorming:  To effectively root out ideas for writing an essay, brainstorming is one of the techniques that must be utilized.

It is the process where the mind is given work to think. Ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelings flow in the brain and usually takes some time to pull them out. Brainstorming helps in this aspect where an idea for writing an essay might also get generated.

The easiest way to start this technique is to take a sheet of paper and write down whatever comes into mind.  

2.Free writing: Another conventional technique of prewriting is free writing. Quite similar to brainstorming, free writing involves more of sentences than just ideas for an essay. While free writing, there must not be any restrictions put onto the brain. No matter any errors, any punctuation marks errors or grammatical mistakes, it must not effect the flow of writing.

Later these sentences can be utilized while writing the essay with a proper structure to it. 

3.Clustering: Also known as mind mapping, clustering allows to build ideas by connecting words together thereby generating a central idea.

One word must be taken which can be connected together thus forming a tree like structure. Each word which is connected then can be used to create an idea for an essay.

4.Outlining: This is the best technique that can be easily followed. Creating an outline for an essay is an important aspect. Before writing down the structure, an essay must have its outline.

Outline is nothing but giving a shape to the essay being written. Based on the outline created, the rest of essay gets formulated hence concentration must be given to outline an essay.

5.Journaling: A journalist creates reports and prepares for interviews by using words like “what”, “how”, “when”, “where”, “why”. Therefore they are called journalistic words.

These words can create magical ideas for an essay. Mind works faster when it is questioned constantly which will help in creating an essay with a good topic.

These are few of the essay prewriting techniques which must be used to write the best essay. 

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