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Sunday, 26 March 2017

How to write an essay using style and presentation

How to make your essay the best essay quickly?

Not just words but style and presentation are important for an essay too. The way an essay is presented makes it more efficient.

An essay is a question to which there must be an answer which prompts enough evidence to prove it. Though content should be given importance, the overall presentation matters the most.

Here we have presented few of the presentation and style tips which will help in making an essay look even better.

How to write an essay using presentation? 

1.Title:  To present an essay is a better manner, an appropriate title must be used. Readers, in general, get attracted to an essay which has a better quality title.

2.Correct spelling and grammar: An essay will look presentable only when content which is written has the correct usage of spelling and grammar.
Care must be taken to check spellings and grammar along with the punctuation marks.

3.Indentations:  An essay must be indented properly so that it looks presentable. Appropriate font style, font size and spacing are few of the formatting styles that must be adopted to indent an essay correctly.  

4.Adding tables, figures, charts: Data which cannot be written in terms of words have to be displayed in the form of figures, charts, and tables.
Inclusion of these in an essay will give a clear picture. Example, a statistics assignment should have tables and charts which will explain the problem in a better manner.

5.Structure: Instead of writing an essay in a straight forward manner, it must be written in a structure. This allows the readers to read it in an easy way. Here is a link which helps in forming a structure. 

6.References and citations: To make it non-plagiarized content, an essay must be written with references and citations.
Referring to a reputable source will inform the audience that the writer has knowledge on the topic. 

How to write an essay using style?

1.Use of proper formatting style: Proper formatting style in terms of paper that is being used, the spacing for margins, and others must be followed adhering to proper rules.

2.Use  of appropriate reference style: Popular and standard reference styles such as MLA, APA , Harvard and others must be followed. Every university has its own preferred style so as to give an essay an appropriate style.

3.Use of tone: The tone of an essay must be kept constant throughout. Preference must be given for usage of active voice as it indicates usage of verbs which means action.

4.Avoid capitalization as far as possible: Capitalization is necessary to indicate noun. Other than this case, it is encouraged to avoid use of capitalization in an essay.

5.Encouragement to use bulleting points: To make an essay more readable, content must be presented in the form of bulletin points.

Adding bulleting points will make an essay
1.Look better

2.Adheres to formatting style

3.Makes it clear to understand

These are few of the essay formatting styles and presentation styles which will make your essay look more presentable. 

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