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Monday, 27 March 2017

How to write a process essay

What is a process essay?

A process essay is a type of expository essay which functions to help readers with a specific question that is put up. They are usually denoted as “How-to”, “What are” among other questions.

This type of essay explains or answers to the question on how to do something or explains how something works. It must be written in a step by step process so that it becomes lucid for readers to read it.
There must be signposting and transitional sentences that must be used to make it more readable and less complex.

Characteristics of a process essay:
1.Process essay are written in order to describe a process or working of an object
2.It is a step by step procedure to explain complex topics in an easy manner

Types of essay:
1.To explain on something and how it works
2.To describe something in an engaging manner

How to write a process essay? A step by step guide

Step1.Brainstorm for a topic: The first step to write a process essay is to brainstorm for a topic. A topic must be chosen based on a question. For example, “how to learn SEO in 30 days”, “How to bake a cake?” and such among others.

Step2.Research on the topic: There must be proper research done on the topic that is being written. As it describes the functioning of an object or explains about something, it must be analysed properly not leading to wrong information.

Step3.Write an introduction: Once a topic is chosen with appropriately researched information, an introduction part must be written. Introduction part must contain necessary hook statements and thesis statements so that it engages the readers to continue reading.

Step4.Write the process: The next stage of a process essay is the body section. This section must contain the process that is to be explained.This must be written in the form of steps so that it is lucid for readers to read it.

Step5.Write the conclusion: The last part of a process essay is to write a conclusion. Conclusion usually includes all the elements which will summarize the purpose of writing an essay.

Step6.Edit the essay:  Writing is an art while editing is a skill. Editing is as important as writing. Hence, once process essay is completed, it must be edited. Just to make sure that there is no such information which is missed out or any wrong information being informed.

Step7.Proofread the essay: Proofreading is the last stage of essay writing which will omit the grammatical mistakes along with misspelled words. Click here to know more on the difference between editing and proofreading. 

Examples of a process essay

1.How to make a good first impression?
2.How to train your pet?
3.How Bluetooth works?
4.How to learn drawing in 30 days?
5.How to learn English very easily?
6.What are the steps to write an essay?
7.How to bake a cake?
8.How to plan for a party?
9.How to study for the exam?
10.How to write a process essay?
11.How to repair a clock?
12.Hair beading techniques
13.The art of origami
14.Learning photography
15.Sketching techniques 

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