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Friday, 31 March 2017

How to write a reflective essay

Best way of writing a reflective essay

Reflective essays are the reflection of the imagination and an insight into the inner self. More than investigation, facts, information; reflective essays are more concerned about experiences (positive or negative), feelings and emotions. As it is a reflection, an individual’s personality must be instilled in an essay which is being written.

Writing a reflective essay can be simpler than most other types of essays as it contains less research but more insight on personal experiences, places you have visited,a thing you have learned and something which is similar to that.

How to write a reflective essay?
Though it is simple to write, there are certain procedures that need to be followed while a reflective essay is being written. A Planned procedure with a personal touch to it will work magic into your essay. What is the procedure? Follow till the end of this article to know more about it.

What topics can be written as a reflective essay?

1.Essays based on nature
2.Essays based on personal experience or an event
3.Essays based on summary of a personal or impersonal object
4.Essays based on any incident which changed your life
5.Essays based on your feelings, reactions, and emotions

Procedure to be followed while writing a reflective essay

1.Adopt your own writing style: To tell a story, there are many different ways. Each writer adopts his/her own style. You must be able to place your writing style and suit it according to the essay being written. 

2.Spilt the essay into different sections:  Like any other essay, even reflective essay must be divided into sections. Each section must have its own importance and bring uniqueness with it.

3.Imagination: Imagination is one way of getting an idea for writing a reflective essay. Imagination can be imagining the past experiences or future expectancies. This will induce an idea which can continue as a flow while writing it.

4.Identify the main theme:  Once a topic is chosen to write upon, a theme must be identified within so that an essay can go accordingly. 

5.Use of informal language: As it is a type of an informal essay, a reflective essay must be written using informal language. The more engaging it becomes, readers will be more interested towards reading it.

6.Write a thesis statement: Writing a thesis statement will help in keeping the audience engaged towards reading. This must be included in the introductory part as a start of an essay decides its readability.

7.Keep the transitions: Each section must be made interesting. To make it interesting, each section must have transitions to it. These transitions will help in making a complete essay and a treat for the audience reading it.

8.Pick up a point: Pick up on a point which can give a new dimension to your essay. This can preferably be called as a hook statement. These statements must be included so as to build interest and bring clarity into your essay. 

Structure of a reflective essay

The typical way of writing a reflective essay is to write as a five paragraph essay. Below you will find a simple structure which helps in building a reflective essay.


      Introductory paragraph
      Hook statement
     Thesis statement

  Body section

      Paragraph 1
      Transitional statement
      Paragraph 2
      Transitional statement
      Paragraph 3
      Transitional statement


Concluding paragraph

These are some of the tips that can be used while writing a reflective essay.

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