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Thursday, 6 April 2017

How to write an essay within the word limit

How to write the best essay within the word limit?

Academic writing usually will have a strict vigilance over the prescribed word limit. Inability to convey information within the word count can be a dangerous play towards the academics.
It is takes intelligence to write an essay or an assignment within the word limit. The ability to break up the information and explaining in the word limit specified needs constant practice and flair of writing.
How to write an essay within the word limit? What are some of the tips that can be followed to reduce the word count yet maintain the quality of the write-up? Read along to know more!

9 Best tips to be considered to reduce the word count

1.Make the sentences short: Some of the sentences which are long can be cut short which will have the same meaning. Such sentences must be described in fewer words.
Such sentences must be avoided and writers are encouraged to write more effectively.

2.Avoid redundancies: There might be chances where sentences are written which have the same meaning for the context in which is written.
Such redundant content must be avoided as it provides null result and also unnecessarily increases the word limit. The best tip to avoid this mistake is to write the entire essay and edit it later on for the necessary changes.

3.Adapt to one word description:  This is one of the best tips that can be included while writing an essay. It is to choose one word which substitutes a sentence.
Example: A person of good understanding and in-depth knowledge can be substituted to Intellectual.
There are two advantages of using this strategy:
1.It decreases the word limit.
2.It increases the vocabulary.

4.Effective arguments and thesis statement: Arguments and thesis statements are considered to be the  heart of an essay. These must be written in an effective manner.
They must not long or detailed, in fact writing an argument within few sentences is an art that must be learned.

5.Use of headings:The main intention behind writing an essay is to inform readers with the content and useful information.
Instead of writing sentences of length, they can be replaced by headings. Writing headings will not only catch reader’s eyes but also will inform them what it is about. This way the word count can be reduced; at the same it will enhance the quality of an essay.

6.Trim your essay: The first part of reducing the word count is to complete the write-up.
Once an essay is written, it must be edited accordingly which is trimming an essay.

7.Less use of conjunctions(not literally all): Conjunctions are the part of speech which helps in conjoining two sentences or clauses together.
It acts as a bridge to form a sentence. This should be avoided as it links two sentences, but increases the word length.

8.Use of active voice: When it comes to the tone of an essay, the use of active voice is always encouraged. Click here to know how to use active voice in an essay.
While writing an essay with a prescribed word count also, it is advisable to use active voice as it will have straight and direct approach unlike the use of passive voice.
She is writing a letter (Active voice)
A letter is being written by her.  (Passive voice)

9.Limiting the unnecessary of auxiliary verbs: Auxiliary verbs also known as helping verbs should be reduced considerably. The use of could, might, be should be avoided which will directly reduce the word count.

These are few of the tips that will help in reducing the word length yet keeping the quality of the content intact.

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