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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

How to write an essay on hobbies

How to write a fantastic hobby essay?

What is a hobby?
A hobby is an activity that is often done to enjoy or indulge in things that one loves. Hobbies are the interests that one has over an object or an activity done during the leisure time.
Hobbies can be of various kinds. Some of the hobbies are taken as a profession by people.

Some of the examples of hobbies are:
1.Coin collection
2.Reading novels
3.Stamp collection
10.Comic book collecting

Characteristics of a hobby essay:

1.Hobby essay are specific and describes how a hobby has an importance in your life.

2.It is a personal essay which gives an insight to your personal interest.

3.It must be vivid, imaginative and interesting to read.

4.The tone of an essay that is to be written must be of informal one as it might contain personal experiences.

5.Hook statements and thesis statements should be included in order to make it more interesting and lovable to read.

How to write a personal essay on hobbies?

1.Know your hobby: The first step to write a hobby essay (i.e. a kind of personal essay), it is essential to understand your interests. Hobby is nothing but an interest that leads to creating of art.
To know what your hobby is, create a list of things that you want to do in your life. If that does not help, try researching on the topics which will help you in creating a hobby list.

2.Explain why are you interested in that hobby: The next while writing a hobby essay is to develop an interest towards that hobby. Without an interest towards something, it cannot be practised.
The hobby essay which is to be written must have necessary points as to why that hobby is special and how does that interest you. Once the list is made, it is easier to write about it.

3.Prepare an outline for the essay: Once the materials for writing a hobby essay are collected, they must organized in a proper format. To structure them in a particular format, an outline must be created.
An outline is like a layout to the essay, it helping in building the best quality essay. A standard essay consists of five paragraphs, with each paragraph having its own importance.

4.Write an introduction to your essay:  Introduction to a hobby essay usually includes what is your hobby, how the hobby interested you, a brief introduction to what kind of hobby it is.
Along with this information, there must be inclusion of hook statements and thesis statement(s) which will attract readers to read your essay.

5.Write the body section: Body section is the heart of an essay. This must be high importance as this section contains the importance of the hobby that has been chosen to write.
It must contain the following elements:
1.How the hobby has made an impact on your life
2.How important the hobby is to you
3.Why the hobby was chosen

6.Write conclusion: The last part of hobby essay is the conclusion section. Conclusion section must summarize the hobby that you are indulged in. It should state how the hobby that you have chosen has your perspective about life.

These are the steps through which it becomes easy to write a hobby essay.

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