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Monday, 17 April 2017

How to write a discussion essay

Typical ways of writing a discussion essay

What is a discussion essay?

Essays are written with the intention of expressing opinions and points that an individual feels. It becomes extremely important to write and present them well. Here in this article, we are going to discuss about an essay type; the discussion essay.

Discussion essay is a type of academic essay which is also called as an argument essay. It is a type of essay where discussions on a particular topic are laid down with accurate viewpoints and debatable arguments for further clarification on the topic.
The discussions or opinions must be placed with confidence and without having biased opinions.

Characteristics of a discussion essay

1.It discusses about the topic in-depth and brings justice to it

2.Discussion essay brings personal opinions and an insight into the topic

3.In a discussion essay, an idea is discussed with thorough research on the same

4.Every discussion essay will have for/against to the topic being discussed

5.It must include advantages, disadvantages of the topic that is being discussed

How to write a discussion essay? Here are tips on writing it

1.Brainstorm for a topic: To start a discussion essay, a topic must be obtained. There are several resources that can be utilized to brainstorm for a topic to write.

2.Research on the selected topic: Discussion essay mainly stands upon arguments; the for and against of a topic which must be researched properly.
In order to have a quality essay, the discussions that are to be included in it must be cited or used from reputed resources.

3.Create an outline: Once a topic is selected with sufficient amount of research for the discussion, an outline must be created.Creating an outline will help in organizing the essay in a proper manner. 

4.Write an introduction: An essay must always contain an introduction section. This allows the essay to be introduced. An introduction section in a discussion essay should introduce the discussion and have subtle explanation to it.

5.Include hook statements and thesis statements: To catch reader’s attention, there must be inclusion of hook statements and thesis statements. These will help in building link for the essay.

6.Write a body section: The body section of a discussion essay’s heart is the discussion with point supporting for it or arguments that are against the discussion.
Discussions always have two sides to it; points that are for the topic and points that are against the topic. Hence it is fair enough to include both these. Each paragraph in the body section must have strong arguments which must provide evidence to provide the credibility.

7.Write a conclusion section: The last part of an essay is the conclusion essay. This section must be given the primary importance as it summarizes the whole essay in few sentences.
It should suffice to the points that are brought down so that it will bring justice to the essay which is written.

8.Add strong arguments : A discussion essay gets its true meaning the discussions are brought onto the board. The discussion must consist of points for the topic, points against the topics.
They are to be included in an essay as arguments. They should be arguments for the topic, it’s important points and arguments against the topic with relative arguments.

9.Include facts, references and citations: The arguments that are presented must be backed by facts, references and citations so that they can be realistic and approachable.
These facts, references are necessary as discussions with for and against points are to be supported.

10.Transitions between each section: There must be clear transition between each section. The relationship between each section is necessary as it builds an essay and will give meaning to it.
Two sections that are to be linked can be done by using transitional sentences and linking words.

Points to note while writing a discussion essay

1.Both the side of the arguments must be defended properly.

2.Include signpost in your essay which will help in the transitions between each section in a proper manner.

3.It is encouraged to add your observations and analysis on the topic that is being discussed.

4.There must be logic in the information presented. To prove its credibility, there must be citations and references from reputable resources.

5.Make sure to use formal language so that the discussion essay will have more impact on the readers.

Example topics of discussion essay

1.Death penalty

2.Violation of human rights

3.Use of nuclear weapons

4.Mercy killing

5.Animal testing

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