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Thursday 27 April 2017

How to write an event report essay

What are the amazing ways of writing an event report essay?

We all have been to an event. An event can be a celebration of success; it can be presentation of financial report or an event hosted for some cause.

An event in general is documented in several ways. Events are organized and publicised with the help of various mediums. The prime motive behind hosting an event is to inform about the happenings.

The ways which are useful to channelize an event’s story are through television, radio, and print. An event is covered by documenting it as a report. This type of documentation is called as an event report essay. How to write an event report essay? What needs to be included to write the best event report essay? Follow this article to know more.

What is an event report?

Elements of an event report essay

1.Title: A well mannered report is the one which will have a suitable title to it. This element must be added to an essay so that it builds an interest towards reading it.

2.Facts and statistics: An event like financial report for the year may includes few of the statistics and figures which must be added while reporting. Accurate figures and statistics will help in bringing better result and readability to the essay.

3.Reporting tone: The essay must always flow with the reporting tone. This means that the users must be convinced with what information the essay is being portrayed.
It always uses strong verbs and third person so that it reaches the audience in a compelling manner.

How to document an event? Follow these steps to write a successful event report essay

1.Know about the event: To write a successful event report essay, the objective of an event and its basic type must be known. Reporting an event hosted for a successful venture has to be different from an event which is about a government budget for example.

2.Get the details of the event: To write an event report well, it is important to get the details of an event properly. It is better to reach the venue and collect significant information and borrow certain ideas to present it in a better format.

3.Introduce the essay: After collecting information from the event, it must be then documented as an essay. The basic structure of an essay includes an introduction section, a body section, and a conclusion section.
The first section is to introduce the event to the audience, write the purpose of it. This must have necessary hook statement to catch reader’s attention.

4.Include a body section: The body section of an essay must consist of all the necessary information that happened in an event. It is very critical to add all the statistics, facts so that it will fulfil the motive of reporting an event.

5.Write the conclusion section: The last section is the conclusion section. This section is necessary as an essay must end properly as it started. Convincing conclusion must be added while documenting an event.

6.Edit the essay: Once the report is written, it must be edited. Editing is a crucial process which helps in finding out the mistakes in an essay. It is a process where additional information is added along with discarding unnecessary information.

7.Proofread the essay:  The last step of an essay is proofreading. This stage is helpful to rectify small errors or mistakes which might hamper the quality of an essay.

Tips to consider while writing an event report essay

1.The essay must be addressed in the third person.

2.Have the journalistic ability to know all the aspects of an event.

3.Be attentive while recording the event as it has to reach the audience the way it was hosted. 

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