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Friday 5 May 2017

How to write an essay using PEEL method

How to write an essay using PEEL method? 

What is PEEL method?
It is a basic framework which will help in writing an essay effectively. It can most efficiently used while writing an academic paper like a persuasive essay
It is a strategy which is helpful to outline an essay as well build a logical relation between the information for the readers to read it.

P- Point: To make a point or a valid statement which is relevant to the topic being written.
E- Evidence: Provide clear evidence to back up to the point that us made. To brief it up, quotes and references must be added.
E-Explanation: Explain the evidence that is provided. It must support the evidence that is provided.
L-Link: Link the point that has been made to the next section

Advantages of using PEEL method:
1.Gives clarity:
2.Helps in writing a focused essay
3.Supports the evidence that are provided along with valid points and linkages to the other sections
4.Helps in organizing an essay in a better manner
5.Makes way for producing rational points to the audience

Explanation on how to use PEEL strategy:
      A.    Point

     1.Point allows to make a point:  Point as discussed above helps in making a point. They are usually the opening sentences which will help in starting a paragraph.

     2. It provides an argument: Point in the PEEL strategy will allow to have arguments in the essay. Arguments must be presented in a strong manner so that it can have a great impact on the readers.
     3. Can help reduce complexity: Clearly mentioning the point in the introductory paragraph will help in reducing complexity thereby will let readers flow with the information that is presented.

     4. Acts like a topic sentence: Topic sentences are the sentences which are the initial sentences of a paragraph. Making a point using the P from PEEL strategy will help initializing the paragraph. 

     B.      Evidence
     1.   References for sources: Evidences can be obtained through reputable sources. These sources must be used effectively.  
     2.  It clearly supports points: Evidence will bring about supportive points which must be used in the body section.

     3.  Sufficient evidence: The evidence that is provided must be sufficient enough to have clarity on the topic. Care must be taken to back the evidence properly.

     4.Using analytical language:  It is important to use analytical language so that it suffices to the information that is being presented.

    C.  Explanation
     1.Giving justification: The E letter of PEEL strategy is the explanation. The evidence that is provided must be explained properly so that it gives justification to the point that is made.

     2. Inclusion of quotes and anecdotes: To back the evidence properly, necessary quotes and anecdotes must be added. This will provide huge impact on the essay that is being written. 

      3. Produce clear and coherent writing:  Arguments and evidences are provided in the body section. Hence providing explanation to evidence that are drawn will produce clear and coherent writing.

    D. Link
     1.Provides link:  As name suggests, it provides link or flow to the essay.
    2.Helps in ending the essay: Link will help in structuring the paragraph as a whole thus ending the essay in a proper way.

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